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‘Home’ (2001), Sequential slide projection. 300 x 500 cm. Installation view Fair Charm and Foul Play, Faircharm Industrilal Estate, Deptford X' Festival.

‘Bed and Hutch’ (2003),  Rabbit hutch, plaster board, glass, video, blanket, re-constructed bed. Installation view: Living in this Mess Morley Gallery, London

'Hutch'  (2000), Rabbit hutch, concrete, plaster board, glass,

Installation view, Abel Joseph Gallery, Brussels

‘Estate’ (2003), cardboard, glass, fish tank, water, plastic, super 8 loop film. Installation view: Living in this Mess 

Morley Gallery, London

‘ Stairwell 1, 11 and 111’ (2003) Terre a Terre, Joseph Abel gallery, Brussels and Terra  Infirma,  Atelier WG, Amsterdam. Manifestaties 2006, 3 c-type prints  each 115 x 76cms

‘Good Afternoon’ (2004) Mixed media Installation view: APT Gallery, London

‘Tea Pond‘ 2004 Yesvember, House Gallery, London

‘Mirage’ (2002) 12 paintings  Installation: Kornhauschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany. ‘Creek’ (2003) 9 paintings plus video Installation: APT Gallery, London 

‘Bottles’ Series (2000) colour photographs. Art at the Civic Suite, Lewisham, London

‘Grey Puddle’ :colour photographs 50 x 50 cm limited edition

‘New York Grid’ (2002) Gloss paint and pigment on MDF board

'Thames' 2004 Site Specific Installation, Studio shot Looped video projection

'Staircase II' 2003. 'Colour Space' APT Gallery, London.