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“Demolition’” (2007) 4 hour looped video of demolition of Wood Dene Estate Peckham, London

Installation view: Isobar, Fieldgate Gallery, London.

‘Greeenhouse’ (video projection 2007) ‘Primavera 11 ‘Punt Gallery Amsterdam

Boat (2006-0ngoing video Projection Estimated duration 6 hours)

Installation view APT Gallery, ‘PRO-jection’

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‘log’ (2007) video projection and book. “Bounty” APT Gallery and “Dialogue” Art First London

      ‘confinement’ (2005) commissioned for‘Revision’,

       Old Royal Infirmary,University of Worcester,

       Site specific installation

‘Lift’ (2007) super 8 projection “Isobar” Fieldgate Gallery, London

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Utopia 252h x 300w x 50d cms, (2007) Graph paper and video (Demolition)  Installation view: Isobar, Fieldgate Gallery, London.

‘ Perch ‘ (2009) Installation view Five Years London

“Specimen” transparency projection

(2007) Isobar Fieldgate Gallery London

“Ship like a Greenhouse Floating” (2007)   DVD still, DVD 8 mins looped. Installation view Bounty APT Gallery, London.

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“Window” (2007) DVD loop projection. Installation: Objects-Rooms,  Grounds Art Gallery, Parma, Italy

Landscape Spaces between places and the relationship between rural and urban, where the boundaries are, if the rural exists, and how one influences the other.

The passing through this landscape within time and space has been recorded through filmed journeys, where one is trapped within a given space that forces the viewer fleeting and fragmented impressions of an ongoing linear landscape , that explores and accentuates the unnoticed, the repetitious, the everyday becoming the unknown and extraordinary landscape.

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‘Letter” 2007-2015 mixed media. Shown at Transition Gallery There and Everywhere 2009