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“Fret” (2010) ERASED WALL

Berlin Freies Museum

“Waiting” and “Levitation

When I get home again (2013)

South London Gallery

‘Aviary I ‘ (2011)   ‘Aviary II‘ (2011)   ‘Aviary III’ (2012) Gouache on paper, solo exhibition  ‘Idyll’ Art First London

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‘Isolation Hospital’ (2014) tracing paper, wood, video, GB<Switch>NL, The Pulchri, the Hague, Netherlands

‘Chair and book’ (2014) Studio installation shot

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‘My Garden’ (2012) Gouache on paper. Idyll Art First, London, Natural History, Art First, London

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‘Letter” 2011 Installation: Perduto Padre CAVE project space, Trieste, Italy


“Letter” 2012 Installation: APT, London

Gloss paint and corrugated metal on MDF (2014) 300 x 400cm

“Perch” Video and sculptual installation: Idyll, Art First, London (2012)

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2010: ‘High Five’, Croydon. A five day screening projected in central Croydon from 6pm–midnight in a

continuous loop.

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