Liz Harrison Curriculum Vitae

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studio: APT, Harold Works, 6, Creekside, Deptford, London SE8 3EW Lives and works in London

Educated: Manchester College of Art and Slade Schol of Fine Art

Recent projects / commissions / curations

2015: ‘Perduto Padre Lost Father’ Museo d’Arte Moderna Ugo Cara, Muggia, Trieste, Italy. A collaboration between artists from Italy and the UK. Curated by Fabiola Faidiga and Maria Campitelli. London: Liz Harrison, Paul Malone, Nicola Rae, Chris Marshall

Trieste: Carlo Alberto Andreasi, Maria Campitelli, Fabiola Faidiga, Guillermo Giampietro, Christina Lombardo, Femi e Marie Cristina Vilardo

2013: ‘When I get home I hope’ South London Gallery, London. A simultaneous screening by Fran Cottell, Liz   Harrison,Jefford Horrigan,  Susan Trangmar This event brings together four artists who share a sculptural approach to the composition of light, time, space and narrative. 

2011: ‘PROJECT-ion’ APT Gallery, London. Video experiments installed within the gallery space by Ekkehard Altenburger,

Fran Cottell, Liz Harrison, Paul Malone, Nicola Rae, Victoria Rance                 

2011: ‘Perduto Padre’ C.A.V.E labaratorio Sistiana/Trieste, Italy. A collaborative event, curated by Fabiola Faidiga

2010: ‘Why Birds sing Up’ Deptford X Award, Sound installation. Deptford train station commissioned for Deptford X Festival

2010: Shortlist of 4 artists for Loampit Vale, Energy Centre façade Artists Competition: ‘Greenhouse’

2008: ‘Concrete Dreams art, architecture and social space’, APT Gallery, London. Group exhibition curated by Liz Harrison and Fran Cottell. Including Anya Gallaccio, Cornelia Parker, Lucy Gunning

solo and 2 person exhibitions/projects

2016: ‘Cold Storage’ Stephen lawrence Gallery, University of Greenwich Galleries, London. Fran Cottell, Liz Harrison

2012: ‘Idyll’, Project Space, Art First London

2009: ‘Perch’, Five Years, London 

2004: ‘Yesvember’, House Gallery, London. A month long sequence of daily events, curated by Marc McGowan

2004: ‘Good Afternoon’, The Gallery at APT, London. Liz Harrison, Edwina Ashton

2002: ‘Mirage’, Kornhauschen, Aschaffenburg, Germany. Liz Harrison, Chris Marshall

2000: ‘Terre a Terre’, Abel Joseph Gallery, Brussels 2000, Belgium, Liz Harrison

1999:‘Immediate Occupation’, Standort Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany. Liz Harrison, Chris Marshall

1999: ‘Elevator’, St. Nicholas Church, Deptford, London. Site specific Film Installation for Deptford X, London

1996: ‘Chamber Wall’, Morley Gallery, London

1993: ‘Liz Harrison’: Recent Work, Islington Arts Factory, London

1991: ‘Exact Recollections’, Small Mansion Arts Centre, London, Angela Eames, Liz Harrison

1977: ‘Liz Harrison New Work’, Northern Arts Gallery, Newcastle-on-Tyne

1976: ‘24 Days in the Life of a Papaver’, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London.  Andrew Logan, Liz Harrison. Curated by Jasia Reichardt.

1974: ‘Hidden Life of a Flower’,  Sunderland Arts Centre and University Theatre, Young Peoples Festival, Newcastle-on-Tyne

1972: ‘Landscape’, an installation made and commissioned for South Gallery, Serpentine Gallery, London. Bob Evans (East Gallery), Liz Harrison(South Gallery), David Henderson (Print Gallery), Ian Leese (West Gallery), John Maine (East Lawn), Philip Vaughan (North Gallery)

group exhibitions

2014: ‘GB<Switch>NL’ Pulchri, The Hague

2014: ‘Collaborations’ Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London

2013: ‘Natural History’ Art First, London

2011: ‘Invaluable’ APT Gallery, London curated by Victoria Rance and Sheila Volmer

2010: ‘Erased Walls’  Poznan 11.09. - 31.10.2010 ZAMEK Culture Centre, Berlin 7.10.-30.10.2010 ConcentArt e.V. Bratysława 4.11.2010 – 30.11.2010 SPACE
Berlin 26.2. - 13.3. 2011 Freies Museum

2010: ‘High Five’, Croydon. A five day screening projected on to the south facing side of the building at the junction of

Wellesley Street and Walpole Road in central Croydon from 6pm–midnight in a continuous loop. Debra Fear, Gianluca

Ferrari, Jonathan Gildersleeves, Liz Harrison, Olga Koroleva, Paul Malone, Jonathan Moss, Marlena Novak and Jay Alan Yim,

Nicola Rae, Tom Sands, Tom Walker, Alma Tischler Wood, Zoha Zokaei

2009: ‘There and Everywhere’,  Transition Gallery, London. Helen Couchman, Liz Harrison, David Webb

2009: ‘Interrupted Correspondence/Vice Versa’:Five Years Fragments. James Taylor Gallery, London

2008: ‘Concrete Dreams’, APT Gallery, London. Ekkehard Altenburger, Dave Carr Smith, Fran Cottell, Silke Dettmers, Anya Gallaccio, Alex Hartley, Liz Harrison, Tony Hayward, Jefford Horrigan, Steve Johnson, Jools Johnson, Hattie Lee, Louisa Minkin, Martin Newth, Matt O’Dell, Cornelia Parker, Jim Pearson, Gaia Persico, Victoria Rance, Leonora Robinson, Keir Smith. Tansy Spinks, Bill Watson, Verdi Yahooda, Silvia Ziranek

2008: ‘Dialogue’, Art First, Cork St, London. Eileen Cooper- Chris Orr, Jack Milroy – Liz Harrison, Karel Nel – Brad

Hammond, Simon Lewty – Susan Michie, Will Maclean – Hughie O’Donaghue

2007: ‘Isobar’, Fieldgate Gallery, London. Catherine Bertola, Susan Collis, Liz Harrison, Claude Heath, Kaori Homma, Jools Johnson, Tim Knowles, Tonico Lemos Auad, Scott Martin, Marzia Migliora, Justin Mortimer, Andy Parker, Gaia Persico, Michael Robbs, Kate Scrivener, Elisa Sighicelli, Finlay Taylor, Vedovamezzei, Sarah Woodvine, Simon Woolham. Curated by Gaia Persico

2007: ‘Bounty’, A Preposterous case for Optimism, APT Gallery, London. Victoria Arney, Cuillin Bantock, Tim Cousins, Nic Godbold, Oona Grimes, Liz Harrison, Margaret Higginson, Richard Lawrence, Stephen Lewis, Chris Marshall, Scott Plear, Jessica Poole, Victoria Ranc, J S Robinson, Sheila Vollmer, David Webb

2007: ‘Objects-Rooms’,  Grounds Art Gallery, Parma, Italy. Gianluca Ferrari, Damiano Paroni, Giorgio Tentolino, Fabiola Faidiga, Rody Luton, Els van der Graaf, Nikolaus Urban, Liz Harrison, Paul Malone, Nicola Rae. curated by Gianluca Ferrari and Silvia Scaravaggi

2007: ‘Primavera 2’,  Punt Gallery, Amsterdam. Gianluca Ferrari, Damiano Paroni, Giorgio Tentolino, Fabiola Faidiga Rody

Luton, Els van der Graaf, Nikolaus Urban, Liz Harrison, Paul Malone, Nicola Rae. Curated by Els van der Graaf and Rody


2007: ‘Assembly’, l’Academie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles, Brussels. Wendy Anderson, George Blacklock, Nick Callow, Kelly  Chorpening, Dan Coombs, Geraint Evans, Mark Fairnington, Rebecca Fortnum, Dereck Harris, Liz Harrison, Catrin Huber, Roger Kelly, Marta Marce, Louisa Minkin, Katie Pratt, Clunie Reid, Howard Rogers, Martyn Simpson, Dan Sturgis, Claude Temin-Vergez, Jennet Thomas.

2006: ‘Terra  Infirma’,  Atelier WG, Amsterdam. Manifestaties 2006

2006: ‘Primavera’,   Tara Bryan Gallery, London. 12 artists from Italy. Netherlands and UK. Curated by Paul Malone Gianluca Ferrari, Damiano Paroni, Giorgio Tentolino, Fabiola Faidiga,Rody Luton, Els van der Graaf, Nikolaus Urban, Liz Harrison, Paul Malone, Nicola Rae

2005: ‘Revision’,  Old Royal Infirmary,University of Worcester, Worcester. Site specific installations curated by Lalite Stolper

and commissioned by the University of Worcester. Diane Barker, Faye Claridge, Layla Glantz, John Hammersley, Liz

Harrison, Angela Hodgson, Paul Johnson, Chris Marshall, David Petts, Lalitte Stolper, Duncan Whitley,’Yoke and Zoom’

2005: ‘Sanctuary’,  APT Gallery, London. Lou Smith, Heather Burrell, Tim Cousins, Nicola Rae, Liz Harrison, Keir Smith, David Webb. Curated by Kier Smith

2003: ‘Creek’, The Gallery at APT, London

2003: ‘Living in this Mess’, Morley Gallery, London and Parfitt Gallery, Croydon. Edwina Ashton, Liz Harrison, Hattie Lee, Roz Mortimer, Frank Watson

2003:‘ColourSpace’, The Gallery at APT, London, Curated by Clyde Hopkins

2001: ‘Fair Charm and Foul Play’, Faircharm Trading Estate,Deptford,London. Deptford X  Festival. Laura White, Liane Lang, Liz Harrison, Marianna Wiee

2000: ‘Copshop’,  Camberwell Police Station, London. Site specific installations curated by Marc McGowan

2000: ‘Art at the Civic Suite’, Lewisham Town Hall, London

1999: ‘Future Reverie’, Hortensia Gallery,Kensington&Chelsea College,London. Liz Harrison, Peter Stanley, Erika Winstone

Curated by Erika Winstone

1999” ‘In Quarantine’, The Glue Factory, London. 12 Multi-media artists site specific installations,curated by Miranda Bowen,Tim Dickel, Deborah Godfrey

1998: ‘3 London Artists’,  Standort Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany. Saison-Start Festival. Liz Harrison, Stephen Lewis, Paul Malone

1985: ‘Attitudes’,  Northampton Guildhall Gallery, Northampton. An exhibition of contemporary fine art: film: and video by 40 artists. Curated by John Harper and including Boyd and Evans, David Nash, Paul Neagu, Bruce Mclean, Tony Hill

1983: ‘Women on Women’  Battersea Arts Centre, London. Curated by Pauline Barrie

1979: ‘Metamorphoses’, Kettles Yard, Cambridge. Curated by Roger Malbert

1976: ‘15 Artists North-East’  Sunderland Arts Centre, Sunderland. Martin Bedford, Stuart Brisley, Robin Crozier, John Dee, Raf Fulcher, Lloyd Gibson, Joe Gilbert, Liz Harrison, Barry Hirst, James Hugonin, Chris Marshall, Colin Rose, Christine Seddon, Liz Tate, Ed Tillotson. Curated by Chris Carrell

1074: ‘British Sculptors Attitudes to Drawing’,  Sunderland Arts Centre, Sunderland and Bilston Art, Gallery, Wolverhampton Ivor Abrahams, Phylidda Barlowe, Neville Boden, Brian Catling, Michael Craig-Martin, John Davies, Peter Davies, John Dee, Norman Dilworth, Barry Flanagan, Elizabeth Frink, Lloyd Gibson, Nigel Hall, Liz Harrison, Liliane Lijn, Peter Logan, Tony Longson, Jeff Lowe, John Maine, Chris Marshall, Kenneth Martin, David Nash, Martin Naylor, Michael Pennie, Carl Plackman, Michael Rhodes, Matt Rugg, Wendy Taylor, Brian Thompson, Ed Tillotson, David Troostwyk, Andre Wallace, Austin Wright

1973: ‘Metamorphosis’, a collaborative performance for Beyond this Horizon Science Fiction Festival Sunderland Arts Centre, Sunderland. Liz Harrison, Chris Marshall, Kevin Stephens

1970: ‘10 Sitting Rooms’,  ICA London. Vaughan Grylls, Liz Harrison, Simon Haynes, Patrick Hughes, Carole Joseph, Bruce Lacey, Diane Livey, Andrew Logan, Marlene Raybould,Gerard Wilson. Curated by Jasia Reichardt    

1970: ‘Platform ’70’,  Museum of Modern Art, Oxford

1969: ‘Environments Reversal’,  Camden Arts Centre, London. Including Ivor Abrahams, Keith Arnatt, Stuart Brisley, Marc Chaimowicz, Bill Culbert, Liz Harrison, Ed Herring, David Lamelas, Sandra Wheeler

teaching / academic

1987 –2008: Senior Lecturer in Fine Art, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts, London

Visiting lecturer:  Sheffield Polytechnic, Wolverhampton Polytechnic, Manchester Polytechnic, North-East London Polytechnic,

West Surrey College of Art & Design, Oxford Brooks University, Middlesex University